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Brookshire Research Products

The insights and analyses offered by Brookshire energy research products deliver solid value to decision makers impacted by the oil industry.

The Brookshire Oil Outlook
Perspectives on Global Crude Oil Markets

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The Oil Outlook is a monthly commentary.

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Copyright, User Agreement, and Other General Information Related to The Brookshire Report, The Brookshire Energy Series, and Brookshire Special Reports

Copyright 2009 - 2012 Brookshire Advisory and Research, Inc.  All rights reserved.  This research report is prepared for the use of Brookshire Advisory and Research, Inc. clients and may not be redistributed, retransmitted, or disclosed, in whole or in part, or in any form or manner, without the express written consent of Brookshire Advisory and Research, Inc.  Any unauthorized use or disclosure is prohibited.  Receipt and review of this research report constitutes your agreement not to redistribute, retransmit, or disclose to others the contents, opinions, conclusion, or information contained herein.  The information herein was obtained from various publicly available sources and its accuracy is not guaranteed.  Brookshire Advisory and Research, Inc. makes no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the data and information provided in any third party referenced website and shall have no liability or responsibility arising out of or in connection with any such referenced website.  The opinions herein are those of the author, officers, and employees of Brookshire Advisory and Research, Inc.

This research report provides general information only.  Neither the information nor any opinion expressed constitutes an offer or an invitation to make an offer, to buy or sell any investment or any options, futures, or derivatives related to such investments.  It is not intended to provide personal investment advice and it does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation, and the particular needs of any specific person who may receive this report.  Officers of Brookshire Advisory and Research, Inc. or an affiliate may have a financial interest in related investments. 

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