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Brookshire in the Media

The news media frequently calls on Brookshire's Gianna Bern for expert commentary on a variety of financial and energy issues.  Here are examples of the latest:

June 12, 2013
Bloomberg News
Occidental Split Foreshadows $100 Billion Breakup Wave
"The pure-play trend is going to continue," said Gianna Bern ... Whether or not they want to, companies may be forced to pursue a breakup, said Brookshire's Bern. Activist...

May 19, 2013
Bloomberg News
Petrobras Said to Struggle Pumping Oil at Iara Discovery: Energy
'' You're now in a different ballgame of drilling, it's about as complex as a well can get,'' Gianna Bern, president of Brookshire Advisory & Research Inc. in Chicago, said...

March 1, 2013
Bloomberg News
Occidental Losing Irani Portends Breakup: Real M&A
''areas, said Gianna Bern ... elsewhere,'' said Bern,... Occidental, Brookshire's Bern said. She named Chevron (CVX) and Shell as probable bidders.

February 6, 2013
Bloomberg News
Petrobras Record Spend Defies Ballooning Debt: Corporate Brazil
'' When you look at what else is going on in the industry, they are sitting on some very good geology,'' Gianna Bern, president of Brookshire Advisory & Research Inc. in...

February 5, 2013
Bloomberg News
Petrobras Sinks on Dividend Cut as Earnings Decline
January 29, 2013
Bloomberg News
Singer Chases Icahn With Stake in Cheapest Oil Company Hess
January11, 2013
Bloomberg News
Chevron Strikes Optimistic Note for Quarterly Earnings
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